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Jasik Debugger

It's not abandonware, but does anyone own Jasik Debugger and want to try it out in an emulated system?

It includes a software mmu of sort (that's my understanding) and could maybe be used in some way to run programs that require MMU.

The ancient program costs 225 bucks, but the website hasn't been updated in eight years. Anyone here outgoing enough to see if the author has any thoughts about releasing the program into the wild?


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Do you have any news?

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Another thread somewhere else in the Garden was bumped not too long ago, revealing the author is still selling it for something close to $100, back in February 2019. I find that fact a bit sad, but it's also his right to sell his decades-old software, even if the customer base is very small and that it hasn't been updated in close to 2 decades, too.

It seems like a very good program (along with MacNosy) to have for Mac retro programming, but in practice only hobbyists could make use of it, which is why I frown at it not being freeware yet. But again, it's in the author's right.

Edit: I removed my little rant/discussion on the program. Ultimately, I found it was not constructive.

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As Jatoba said, Steve Jasik was still requesting at least $100 for the debugger last I knew. From my recollection, that number originally came from an email conversation he had with Jon God years ago that was posted on E-Maculation about running Ferazel's Wand in Sheepshaver.

Regarding the software MMU, Steve Jasik addressed that by saying he's tested and not gotten the debugger to work under emulation. Since you'd need a classic Mac for the debugger anyways, I can't think of a case where the soft MMU will help anything.