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My Warcraft II Mac LAN has been short on computers lately, and I wanted to try adding a Windows PC into the mix. In order to do that, I would need to use IPX, which I've never really heard of otherwise - and neither has google. First off, do I need any sort of adapters, or can I use any old network? Also, does IPX support more than just AppleTalk and Ethernet? Because that's all the control panel lets me do.


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When Google Is(n't) Your Friend, try Wikipedia Wink

IPX was pretty much obsoleted by the early to mid 1990's superseded by TCP/IP, which is generally the way to go in preference to IPX.

The original Ultimate Doom for Mac CD supplied Mac IPX extensions. Claris FileMaker Pro version 3 has the IPX extensions included in its install set as well, should you want to experiment.

[Edit] Placed a copy here if you need it.