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Installer os9 help

A total noob here, but I played Jewelbox as a kid and have been trying to get it to work for a while. I got an emulator of mac os9 up and working, downloaded the game from your lovely site, and... yeah. discovered that the installer wouldn't work. Would anyone know how to uncorrupt the installer so I could fix it myself, or is it pretty much a lost cause? Does anyone else have a copy of Jewelbox they could send me?

I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.


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Try this one instead:

I don't know why ours doesn't work.

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Thank you so much! I've got it as a cpt now, and when I extract it in mac osx I can see all the old familiar icons. It's so close! And yet so far. When I put it into mac os9 as a cpt, it claims that the application that created it could not be found. Same thing happens when I unzip it in mac osx and try to spoonfeed it to the emulator.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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The version of SheepShaver that is on the official website experiences exactly what you described. Files are corrupted when they are transferred over to the emulator.

If you are not already using it, try out the newer version here: It is dated 26 July of this year.

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I have this one, (Jewelbox) and it works fine,
I can upload it as a regular .SIT file

I learned from here that .CPT is a Compact Pro File

anyway It'll be ready as soon as I finish watching Harry potter 6
(not that I really like it but, I have nothing else to do)

here it is:

No installer is needed, just open the folder and play it.

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Thank you all, I've been playing it now for a day and a half and the game is EXACTLY as good as i remember. The music's a little buggy but i seriously don't care.

Laughing out loud