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Input devices for mac plus e.g. joystick, mouse...etc

I've had my mac plus for a while know and with that have downloaded and transfered heaps of classic games and stuff, the only problem I have been encountering is input. With a lot of games they require some form of analog input e.g. a mouse or joystick, when we run games like this on modern machines there is almost absolutely no problem whatsoever because we can utilise almost any USB device as an input when properly configured. With a mac plus this is not so much the case to my knowledge and when playing games like shuffle puck cafe the mechanical ball mouse just doesn't cut it. I know that the mac plus appears to have a DE9 serial port at the back which the mouse connects to; does this mean any serial joystick / mouse seeming it would just send analog signals. Would the second button have no effect / the same effect a the mouse 1 button. Would anything like this intended for the apple ll work on a mac plus? The other thing I notice is that the mechanical ball tends to give me a slip like feeling when I use it; so for example if I need to move the mouse rapidly between to locations it will tend to slip and give me the sensation that I keep running out of desk space to move the mouse far enough to get it to the location I want it to be at. So if anyone has some suggestion for a good joystick like input device or maybe even a better mouse I'd be more than happy to hear about it. I also remember seeing a laser mouse for the mac plus on ebay at one point :\ it was the type that used a silver grid base to help tell the mouse which way it was being moved, think something like that would be any better?


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Bio Hazzard,

My first thought was, save up and get an SE, Classic or SE/30. The former two are essentially Mac Pluses with ADB and 1.4MB floppy drives. Something that can run System 6 and has ADB. With ADB, you have a wide range of peripherals and, in particular, the Kensington TurboMouse. It is a massive rollerball and it glides ever so smoothly. I like it so much, that I'm going to find a second one on eBay along with an iMate and use it at work.

My second thought is that I haven't answered your question. I had no problem playing Shufflepuck cafe back when the Mac Plus was standard in universities. Try cleaning your mouse and ball really well. Take out the all of the gunge on the rollers and clean the ball with soap. I've even run mouse balls through the dishwasher. You will need a mousemat or a surface that allows for some friction with the ball. Don't forget that you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse in the General or Mouse control panel.

After that, try the LEM System 6 group. They may know of peripherals for the Mac Plus, 512 and 128K. Gamba (google him for the link) is also a fount of knowledge.

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Ok thanks, I know the mouse is 10% clean seeming I bought it brand new not too long ago. I'm starting to think that any old serial device might be capable of being used as an input device, gonna do some testing to confim my thoughts.