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Incredibly Exciting New Search Feature at WayBack Machine

As some of you may already be aware, the fine engineers at the WayBack Machine have recently implemented an actual search feature.

This means you no longer have to browse the WayBack Machine using an exact URL you already know!

You can enter a search term, say the name of an old Mac App your looking for, and bam, it comes back with a list of sites which include that term. Its genuinely a search engine -- it works just like Google, except it search's literally billions of pages dating back to 1996 that no longer exist actively on the internet.

I use the WB literally every day in my quest for old software for all platforms, and I know there must be many others here who do as well, and this is truly an epic game-changer for people like us (at least in my opinion).

The way you access this new tool is through a different URL than the normal WB.

The URL is:

Just wanted to let you guys know; I think this new innovation will have a profound impact on our community here in the long run and I couldn't be more excited about that!

Check it out and enjoy ya'll.