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Joined: 2010 Nov 17
In need of a few items and it sounds like this is where I should at least ask

SSW 7.0.1 Multipack CD-ROM
SSW 7.1 Multipack CD-ROM
SSW 7.1.1 Multipack CD-ROM (this one may be known as Mac OS 7 Pro...but need the CD-Rom image that corporate folks would have bought...very hard to come by)

Localized versions of OS 9.2.1 (full versions not updates)
Aldus FreeHand 4.0 A and B updaters for PPC
System 6.0.6 (both disks)
System 6.0.1 (if it exists at all)

Not a deadbeat though. I have some very difficult to find stuff that has been requested and would offer to work with someone that would have this stuff to get it to them. Such items I have to contribute are:

SSW 7.5.4 (the final shipping version that was released to the select few sites...not the beta!)
SSW 7.0 Group Upgrade Kit CD (not the GM one floating around...the CD that shipped as retail)
Macromedia Studio MX collection (not MX 2004)
Mac OS Anthology 99-2001 (the entire collection)

Please let me know. I am willing to post SSW 7.5.4 to someone though for upload.

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' by 'SSW 7' - IIGS User


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Why are they so difficult to find?
*Here is a section of Operating Systems and some links on the homepage
*You can go to > downloads and they have liks to apple free downloads
*You can search for them in
*For firmware you can go to redundant robot
*Im found OS 9.2.1 Boot CDs in the abandonware ring links
If you don´t find anything on the web mail me at miguesweet @

Good luck Wink
I will mail the OSes to you (all I need is your e-mail adress)

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Aldus FreeHand 4.0 A and B updaters for PPC

Good luck on locating these. And if you ever do... Please let me know where you found them.

I've searched for these on & off for a good dozen years. I was able to locate the a & b updaters for 68k Mac but never any for PPC. So I have my doubts about their existence. But y' never know...

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Joined: 2010 Nov 17


So I have some news on this front...pretty weird it took so long to get news on this, but it turns out they never existed. Aldus FreeHand 4.0a and 4.0b updaters were built into the PPC full installer. I found a post with someone from AltSys (the developers of FreeHand for Aldus) that talk about it...that takes that off my list.

Thank you for your consideration though

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@blackholemac: Thanks for getting back with news on this. It explains why they've never surfaced. Guess I need to scratch this one off from my list, too Wink