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iMac G3 games question

Hi all,

thanks in advance!!
So, I have iMac G3, OS 9.2. and I installed several old games. I transferred it using USB and now it disappears when I unplug USB. How can I fix this please? Btw, I didn't install from USB, but from desktop of G3.
Thanks all


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Try copying the files to your "Macintosh HD" or your hard drive icon instead.

It's a confusing classic Mac OS-ism. The contents of the "desktop" is based on a Desktop Folder. Each disk (USB drive, hard drive, SSD...) that classic Mac OS touches has its own Desktop Folder. Copying to the desktop won't move that data to the same disk as Mac OS, it will just copy files to the disk's Desktop Folder.

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The TRASH also behaves this way. There is only one TRASH icon but it reflects the contents of TRASH on all mounted volumes.