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iBook connects to AirPort, but PowerBook does not

I have an AirPort Express hosting a separate unsecured network for my old computers, but my OS 9 Pismo G3 is having trouble with it. When it boots into OS 10.4, it can connect to the network just fine, but when it boots into a fresh install of OS 9.1, trying to connect to the network just gives an error saying "There was an error connecting to this airport network". I can connect to this network just fine on my OS 9 iBook G3, too.

I was sure to set the system clock properly and restart a few times, so I'm not sure what could be going on. Any ideas?


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It may be worth plugging directly into the router just to see if any networking at all is working on the Pismo while booted into OS 9.

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I always thought that error message wasn't descriptive enough, myself... I agree with davisdelo, I would also recommend checking whether the Ethernet (wired) connection is working in OS 9. If Ethernet also doesn't work, it could be some sort of problem with OS 9's built-in networking drivers (i.e., for whatever reason, some or all of these drivers may not be present).