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Hello from a fellow Mac-Addict! I am a newbie to the whole "emulation" thing, and am currently using SheepShaver (the current build), and running OS9. My MacBook is running Tiger (10.4.11).

I am trying to install games onto the emulate, with NO success. In the drive marked "Unix", I only see the folder marked "TheVolumeSettingsFolder" and "TheFindByContentFolder". I downloaded Spectre 1.0, opened the .sit and .img on Tiger's desktop, then dragged the app to the Unix folder. In the emulation, the app doesn't work. When I try to expand the .img for StuffIt in the emulation, it gives me the error message saying that it cannot find "Disc Copy". I can't install ANYTHING!!!!! Please help!


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Unstuff the files from within the emulator. It makes all the difference.

Or drag the already unstuffed files directly to the mounted disk image of SheepShaver's hard drive.

Bottom line is Mac OS 9 doesn't handle the UNIX filesystem very well, treating it a lot like a DOS disk. The files' recourse forks may be getting corrupted or lost.