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I can't remember/find this videogame

Hi everybody, my brother made me find this website and now I'm craving nostalgia.
I found lots of videogames we used to play (gold digger, abuse, macattack, ...) but I still have an image in my mind of one videogame in particular. When I found ShadowWraith this gave me flashbacks. It's very close to the one I think about but I guess it's not the one I'm looking for (maybe in my dreams).
What I remember is only an image of the title/menu screen: there was a pretty skinny pale and bald man, almost crucified and with pipes(?) going through his body. The music was... heavy, with dark tones.
I was looking for a ShadowWraith lookalike because now I'm stuck with my memory, but I can't find where I got that picture from. Maybe it's really a dream.
Any ideas?

Gianni, Italy


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Barrack by Ambrosia Software?

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No I already saw Barrack. It's too much colorful... I don't know, maybe I'm just eating my tail, maybe it was actually a random image from the internet I still remember. I was like 6 y.o. at the time. I'll keep searching.
Thank you for your answer Daxeria!

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