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HyperCard 2.2 needed

I already have HyperCard 2.2 but I miss some files... Especially the help stacks and the ADDmotion II addon.

I found ADDmotion II there:

But I'm not able to have the downloaded files work under HyperCard.

Anyone can help? The best case scenario would be the original HyperCard 2.2 installer... There is one on eBay right now (sealed box!) but it's US$ 99 Sad



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Wow! That is an incredible site, - Incredible, in that it has the largest collection of classic Mac software including SSW 7.1 source code... and its all 100% FUBAR!

Not one intact file to be found. The files for this entire site have apparently been uploaded unprotected. All resource forks are missing! It is such a shame. Why didn't they test what they've done? Appalling.

Back to your original question. I have an original boxed set of HyperCard 2.3, this also includes AddMotion II (vers. 1.1) as part of the bundle. I've been meaning to archive the disk set for this for ages. So if that would suit, it might be useful to you.

[Edit] added to here.

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I added HyperCard 2.2:

I would prefer the original installer but it's the best I can do with what I have now...