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Joined: 2009 Oct 23

During the end of Week 34 and the start of Week 35, there has been a couple of additions and changes to the Garden, something that has been queried every now and then, and that is support for secure pages.

This is fairly new and experimental for the Garden, as both protocols are co-existing with some differing configurations. Mileage may vary when it comes to old and outdated browsers when attempting to access the secure pages, Classilla from OS 9 works fine, for instance.

In any case, there is one little detail that needs authors to have one more look before posting on the Garden, it's easily fixed but it's in everyone's interest that it's done right. Internal links, links that within the website link to other pages or posts within the website.

Omitting "" and "" from all href links local to the MG and instead, for example use <a href="/games/quake">Quake I</a> to link to the game Quake in this instance.

If the above method is used, the links will work fine both over HTTP as well as HTTPS.
There are still features in the works, so it may in the future not be necessary to think about, but until then, please look one more time before linking internally.

SSL and unencrypted will both be available, neither will replace the other as we will continue to support old and outdated browsers used on vintage / retro hardware.

Thank you for reading Smile


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Hi fogWraith & Mike

Not sure if it is something related, but, now, systematically, I've got the infamous error message "An HTTP error 0 occurred. /filefield/ahah/app/field_screenshot/0" when attempting to upload a file (a screenshot here, of course). This occurs only with Firefox for the moment & I presume since the changes you've made. So, I use another web browser for uploading (not evident, because these browsers consume so much RAM!). In case there is no solution actually for that, I wanted to inform you. Good luck for your efforts. Wink


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Hi Franky. Yes there are some issues to be worked out, for sure. This one hasn't been around for a while but has resurfaced again, it seems. Hopefully we'll have some equilibrium before too long. Thanks. I've struck this one too.