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Joined: 2009 Apr 21
HP 72GB 10K SAS 2.5" Hard Drive HD

I have this hard drive ( Can this be used on a vintage mac or powerbook?


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Joined: 2009 Oct 26

Would your SAS drive fit these connectors?

PS. This is an SAS->SATA (female) converter, so no use to you.

It looks as if there is no adaptor to convert SAS to SCSI (or regulare ATA IDE), so you are plum out of luck on that front.

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Joined: 2009 Apr 18

It says 'Serial SCSI' so it might work *if* there´s an adapter to 50-pin *and* that 'Serial SCSI' is backwards compatible.
I´ve never heard of this but I´m still UW SCSI and IDE. Still…

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What vintage mac or powerbook are we talking about? I'm not up-to-date with the latest models, but SAS support in consumer hardware would be overkill. SAS drives require an SAS controller. SAS / SATA compatibility is limited to SAS controllers being SATA drive compatible. I'm not aware of any other compatibility.

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Joined: 2009 Apr 21

i have a powerbook 540c and a mac performa 6116

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Joined: 2009 Dec 19

Hi Dimitris1980,

I have an 18GB SAS drive in my PM7300 and it ran for a while on an SAS-to-50pin adapter. Since then I've gotten myself an Adaptec 29160N and now it runs on a SAS-to-68-pin adapter.
I suspect that it will work electrically, once you have the jumpers correctly configured, but that there would too little room inside the PB540C for the adapters, which are quite big.
I have to admit, that I'd never heard of a 15K 2.5" drive before. I wonder if the power-draw would be too great for the surely already strained battery?