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Hoyle Puzzle and Board 2011

Greetings all,
First time user.
I am trying to get accustomed to the procedure layout of the site.
I will use this game application as an example/speciman:
"Hoyle Puzzle and Board 2011"

The instructions are, to me, unclear - does one download all four parts? If so, how do you reassemble into one disc image? I am using "The Unarchiver" to extract the .RAR files that get downloaded, extracting part 1 (so I am guessing) which yields an"incomplete" status which does not allow for it to be opened.
Thanks for any advice offered,


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You do download all parts. First change the first part to The Un Archiver then don't change the other parts. The Archiver will say the the download is not complete but it will continue expand. The archiver is wrong when said the the download is not complete. I used The Archiver version 3.9. I tested the download. I tested both ways. if you change all parts to The Archiver and it will expand. The archiver will say the archive is incomplete. Click continue when it said archive is incomplete. It will expand.

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Put all the parts in the same folder or on the Desktop. Then drag the .001 part file to The UnArchiver. This will then join all the parts and unzip the complete archive.

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Mrdav I found out the game will expand with both ways. 1st way is change the 1st part to The Archiver and don't change the other parts. 2nd way is change all parts to The Archiver. The Archiver will say Hoyle_and_Board_Games_2011.zip_0.002 The archive file is incomplete. Then The archiver give you two choices are stop or continue. I click continue the The archiver will continue expand the archive. The download put in folder called Hoyle Puzzle and Board 2011.zip_0 in folder is Hoyle Puzzle and Board games 2011.toast.