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How to make a minimal Mac OS 9.0 boot disk

I want to create a minimal HDD image with the minimal data to boot a new world ROM Power PC (SheepShaver).

I have the installer for MacOS 9.0 and the a bootable full installation of 9.0.

How can I do a new (minimal) Mac OS 9.0 installtion (as close to the old boot disk of Mac OS 7)...


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Seems your issue has been covered some time ago.
CD is the way to go it seems...
Good luck!

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A minimal boot disk for SheepShaver Mac OS 9?

The easy way, is to use the "Disk Tools" floppy image from a universal Mac OS 8.5 install CD. - OK, its not Mac OS 9, but the 8.5 Disk Tools does have a good "Disk First Aid" tool and it will boot up SheepShaver (Old World & New World).

The not so easy method, is to install from an OS 9 install CD to a writable, mounted disk image. This can be created during a SheepShaver session or on a classic system Mac. Requires Disk Copy 6.1.2 or newer installed. You will also require 60 MB free disk space.

1.) Boot up to a normal HD (or drive file) installed Mac OS 9.x system.
2.) Create a new empty folder in the HD. Give it a name that you want for your boot disk. You can name it whatever you want. e.g; "Mini Boot 9".
3.) Start Disk Copy. Go up to "Image" menu and choose "Create Image from Folder". Navigate to the new empty folder you just made and choose its name & open.
4.) (IMPORTANT) Choose "Read/Write" from the Disk Copy "Format" pop-up menu. Give the image a file size of 60 MB, also check "Mount Image" & "Zero Blocks" if unchecked. OK this to create the new image file.
5.) Once mounted, Quit Disk Copy, you no longer need it.
6.) Load & mount the OS 9 install CD to the desktop and run the installer. Navigate to and choose to install a fresh OS onto the mounted Disk image you just created.
7.) The installer will say it requires at least 180 MB of disk space etc. Ignore this and proceed to the part where you can choose a "Custom Install".
8.) In the Custom install part: Unckeck every option except for the "Core System" install (at top of the list of custom options). This will install about 50 MB of data and will be able to boot SheepShaver. Install the system at this point.
9.) Once completed, manually copy "Disk First Aid" from the install CD's "Utilities" folder to the "Utilities" folder inside the mounted disk image.
10.) Unmount both the Install CD & the disk image.

You can then copy your new disk image to the host computer's hard drive. Quit SheepShaver and try booting up from the new drive. Its 60 MB, you could try for 50 MB's but you won't get a boot disk much smaller than this for OS 9 I'd think.