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Joined: 2011 Mar 13
How do i download torrents?

I want to download the Baldur's Gate ll game. But,it's a torrent link. What program do i need to download torrents? I have Mac OS 10.4.11 Please help.


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Joined: 2009 Apr 18

This might not be in the scope of the site; but: 'Transmission' is my choice. Because of less hassle getting it up and running. No doubt there´s other recommendations. Wink

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Joined: 2010 Nov 19

BitTorrent, I would think. The problem with torrents is the file floating around only as long as someone is seeding it. If you see an ETA of twenty weeks or more and cant be sure the file is intact, its useless IMHO.
Maybe someone is willing to upload BaldurII to a more permanent source?

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It depends on the OS you´re using
I use Windows XP and I use the -FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER- for Torrents
it works fine.