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How do I download software here and get it into my emulation?

Hi All, Emulating 7.5.3, very snappy and solid on my Yosemite Mac. Now how do I take
software downloaded her and get it into the 7.5.3 system. The software here doesn't
have extension .dmg on them and so won't open in 7.5.3. What the trick?
Thanks in advance for the help.
Brad Hansen


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You could start here; "Installing software onto your emulator".

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A few more details from your side would help others helping, Brad.
I´m guessing your question is targeting at MiniVMac.

Many DL here are of .toast, .iso, .dsk or .img nature - usually deflated with Stuffit (.sit extension).
Luckily you may expand SIT files in OSX with The Unarchiver without harming the Mac resource fork of the compressed files.
That way, dropping .img onto the MiniVMac screen does the trick usually.
ISO, toast and cdr should work the same way, dsk is hit and miss, depending on how the container was created. Hybrid Mac/PC iso, toast or cdr usually only have the PC partition mounted in MiniVMac.
For the free floating SIT files without .img container there is ImportFL from the Gryphel project.
With ImportFL you may import a SIT file to your MinVMac System disk to expand it inside MiniVMac.
Obviously a copy of Stuffit Expander is needed on the MiniVMac side to handle the SIT file.

In the long run, its recommendable to set up Basilisk II or SheepShaver (or both) to take care of your downloads. Both apps share a "Unix folder" in the emulator which may be pointed to any folder of your Mac. Creating .img containers for MiniVMac is done in an instant with DiskCopy 6.