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How can I "upload" a link?

I've found some Mac Restore Discs on that are nearly impossible to find (the only other website that has them is macintoshrepository, which demands a donation for downloading files bigger than 1GB, the only was I found it was by finding the apple part number, then googling that). My internet isn't fast enough, nor reliable enough to re-upload the files, so I was wondering if there's any way to post an external download link, like I've seen on other pages. This way, others could easily find the webpage, and hopefully someone could upload them directly too MG.


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Basically all you need to do is copy the URL from the page you're interested in and paste it into your post.
For example:

And clicking it would take anyone who wants to view it, to that page.

If the URL is very long, or you just want to make it look neater, you can employ an HTML href tag in your post:

<a href="">Symantic Nortons Rescue</a>

Which in your post would look like the following (does the same thing as the pasted in URL above):

Symantic Nortons Rescue