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housecleaning mg's AHT : The Next Generation

There's been a healthy overlap in time of the old jumbled AHT page, and the new set of eight or so AHT pages. The old page isn't sacred, it's a bad map with "cd" in its url but the content is 50/50 CDs vs downloaded dmgs as expected knowing how aht was distributed. It's so bad it's been voted down to less than 3.9 out of 5. So it's high time to modernize or play catch-up with the aht pages. Having md5 shown now will make it easy to verify files have been transfered right to new pages, I could start smoothing out (killing off duplicates) in the old page, no? I'll make sure to keep unique info and screenshots.

Can someone please make appropriate page or pages for the 4 red ring colored CDs on the AHT overview page, and move them and their screenshots off of the AHT page? I don't have any experience with "AppleCare" nor "TechTool Deluxe" nor an iBook, and I wouldn't know what to say for the new page descriptions.

And can someone offload the remaining non-aht from the page, the three called "Advanced testing tools from Apple" in description. I'm not familiar with those, either.

Let's put some pride in how the aht looks, it is a staple of the whole G4-G5 generations.