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Hosting Pippin game ISOs?

I haven't been on these forms for some time! Good to be back again.

Just wondering if MacGarden hopes to include Apple/Bandai Pippin games here too? I've been on the hunt for some ISOs to add to my collection and they do seem hard to come by.

There doesn't seem to be a proper place for them anywhere on the Internet and it looks like the torrents I could find don't really have active seeders either. For example:
There are no seeders.

There is some hope however. I found a stash of Pippin games here:
For some reason, these transfers seem a little slow for me but with Mediafire you can use a DL manager to assist in download connection stability. But for now, it's the best I've found.

I see Macintosh Repository hosts a couple of Pippin ISOs, but not all.

Anyone want to help me mirror these and make Macintosh Garden entries before they go down?

As unpopular as the Pippin may seem to us, they don't deserve to be forgotten or neglected by we vintage software collectors.


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Have you checked here (u=mg;p=mg)?

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I'd like to see them here too. Not that I own a Pippin, or ever intend to, but nevertheless it pains me to see software disappear. Sure, somebody has it in a drawer somewhere but for all intents and purposes it's gone.

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Is it the Pippin anniversary or something??

This is the second topic about it recently: Pippin Games/Apps

Perhaps the only 'problem' (for want of a better word) with Pippin software is that the console really only had any market in Japan, and even that was very limited. It wasn't even available in any other country except USA. That means the vast majority of the already limited amount of Pippin software will be in Japanese. According to the Pippin Wikipedia page, there's "fewer than 80" Japanese games and applications, and only 18 American ones.