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Hint: Watching YouTube videos under OS 9 ...

Hi everyone,

Knez from the forums actually made a fantastic discovery. I don't know if anyone heard about this before. I had not, so that's why I'm sharing this with you.

What am I about? Well, since the last Flash version for OS 9 by Adobe was version 7 and most Websites (including YouTube) ultimately dropped support for those earlier versions, it was not possible to e.g watch YouTube videos anymore.

Knez now took our good old friend ResEdit out of the box and opened the Flash 7 Plugin with it. There is a folder names "vers" where he simply changed the version number from 7 to 9. Now, believe it or not, he saved and restarted and ..tada! Flash works again! Laughing out loud

(I've been watching Youtube videos in good quality now. Streams better than in OSX Tiger for me on my PowerMac Dual 1 Ghz. Not perfect, but a great workaround for those of us using OS 9 regularly... Kudos to Knez Smile


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saw it on macdomain already, its crazy Laughing out loud

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Thanks so much!

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but THIS
is the best use of ResEdit - it could net you $16,000,000 (I'm not kidding) from defrauded investors and venture capitalists. Start reading at "Adams Platform Technology".

This homepage is a classic, make sure to read every word!

He (Adam Clark) still hasn't been charged from what I have heard - a true seller of silicon snake oil!

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Good read, but their first anomaly highlighted has two anomalies of it's own -

they mention "The team said ResEdit's documentation".
What documentation ? I have the only Apple official book, ResEdit Reference for ResEdit v2.1. It's not really what you could call documentation. And ...

By v2.4 there were a large number of TMPL (Template) resources available - you can find many on the two BMUG PD-ROMs at this site - allowing savvy users to create, modify and even code (m68k m/c) with ResEdit.

So RedEdit could be used to create and modify Motorola 680x0 machine code. Of course for PowerPC architeture, the compiled code was held in the Data fork.

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Hmm... I made it. But is like previous - sound goes more speed like video.
iMac G3, 350 Mhz, 512 Mb RAM, Wamcom (Mozilla 1.3.1)

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I can't seem to get this working. I have Classilla 9.2 with the last Flash plugin (7r61). I changed the version from 7.0.1 to 9.0.1 but all I get is a black screen.

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Same for me here. Haven't tried it with Classilla, only WamCom - but also get the same black screen. No sound, no video Sad