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Help Remembering 2 Old B&W Games

These were both games I played when I was very little on a MacPlus. So my memories are very vague, but I've found so many other games from that time period on here that I thought I would take a stab in the dark:

First is an educational "game" that consisted of counting a group of robots. The computer would narrate (in a female-ish voice) a little story that involved one robot leaving the group and you having to say how many are now left. For example, one scene went something like,
"Nine little robots trying to get to heaven."
[Watch as one of the robots ascends into some clouds.]
"One made it. How many robots are there?"
And you would have to press "8" on the keyboard. I should note that every scene ended with the "How many robots are there" line, so if you also played this game as a kid I think that might be the trigger for you.

The second one was a small suite of simple games. My memories are very very vague on this one, but the one game I remember with some clarity was a matching/memory type game. You would click on different types of little doors that would open to reveal the pictures you had to remember, accompanied by various door sound effects.
There were two or three other games besides within the same piece of software, and I remember a dump truck was used as part of the animation for setting up at least one of the games, but it is all pretty vague.

I played them all in black and white, but it's possible there were also color versions. I realize this is not much to go on, but I appreciate any and all suggestions.


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The last one sounds a lot like KidsTime Deluxe which was on the B&W Mac. The first one might be MacRobots, which we only have an icon for.

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Wow, you are amazing. I mean that is really quite impressive. KidsTime does indeed appear to be the game I was thinking of, and MacRobots probably is the other one. Incidentally there is a copy of MacRobots listed as being for sale here ($5):

The only thing that is missing is that matching game with the doors, which must have been a different program and not part of that KidsTime collection. Which makes sense since I remember it having less of a for-kids feel to it. So if you know of any other B&W matching games, let me know.

Seriously, though, thanks again!

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There's a dump truck in the "Tractors & Trucks" game in KidsMath.