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Help with insufficient memory to open this document error

hello a week ago i was floored that i was able to find a copy of Studio/1 on this website. So i got a copy of sheepshaver and set it up with studio/1 and happy to report its working well.

now in college i used this program to make a music video which spanned a crossed 12 floppy disks (sadly before zip drives) some of the files i can open (all of them i can preview so i know they are still good). but i can only open 1 at a time and am having issues merging them back together.

the other issue i have is if dbl click on one of the files to open, the first one will open up studio/1 but not the file and beyond that it gives me an error that it can not find the studio/1 program (even though the program is up and running)

i am running 1gig of memory(which turns VM off) i have tried several prepackaged versions of sheepshaver that has os9 on a virtual disk with as much as 300meg still available. but i am open to any thoughts or suggestions on how to set this up to work

thank you


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Concerning dbl clicking: try opening the file/files from within the application, ie via menu 'Archive' >'Open' instead of dbl clicking the file itself. By going through the 'Open' command the application might respond with some info if not opening the file.