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Help identify a game

Hello everyone!

I'm seeking to identify a game I remember having played on Apple II, it's a Centipede-like clone and may have been released inside a compilation (I tried here and Macintosh Repository, both search were futile)

> You had a fixed ship on the bottom of the screen, to your left and right are buildings which you must protect
> There was a shield on bottom half of the screen, with an opening across the centre at where your shots fire through
> a centipede scrolls across the top of the screen, following the game rules of regular Centipede
> The centipede and its fragments will munch through the shield, if the shield's gone asteroids will start falling to try destroy the buildings (may follow the rules of Missile Command - this bit i don't recall very clearly)
> Game is over if the buildings are destroyed.

Here's a screenshot I doodled up very quickly: