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Help Finding A Game

Hi there... first post, hopefully I'm following protocol here.

I am trying to help a friend figure out the name of an early 90s Mac game he used to play. It's driving both of us mad. Here are the details (some are kind of vague, but it's the best that my friend can recall):

1. It was a demo version on an early 90s Mac... can't recall the platform
2. You could be a thief, magician, and possibly a warrior of some sort. Not Quest For Glory though.
3. You could pick locks
4. If you died you went to hell/an underworld, and would have to solve a puzzle to get back
5. The game was in a medieval setting
6. It was "top view", and you could go in the cardinal directions similar to the NES Zelda
7. The graphics were comparable to the NES Zelda
8. You could be on a little island, and if you tried to attack guards... they'd pretty much pwn you.

Any insight is much obliged. We're ripping our hair out over here trying to figure it out.


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I'd say Ultima if it weren't for the whole underword part of the description.

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Ok... I've been told it looks a lot like Ultima, and it might even be the game. Are there any other games that looked like Ultima with similar features I described?

<-- did not play Ultima

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Sounds like Tomb of the TaskMaker (sequel to the original TaskMaker).

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Daxeria... you are the king of the mountain. That's it.

Thank you so much!