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Have 2 6-Port G3/G4 Compatible USB 2.0 PCI Cards to Trade...

Hello: I have two FULLY-Compliant USB 2.0 PCI Cards (with NEC Chipset) that work GREAT with PowerMac G3 & G4 under OSX -> they even support Deep Sleep! Under OS9, you get USB 1.0 speeds and only shallow (monitor off) sleep.

Have tried 4 different cards (including a crazy expensive Sonnet Allegro) and this is the only one I've found that works reliably with an MDD. The ONLY issue with these cards is that you don't want to put it to sleep with a USB Flash-drive inserted, or it often won't wake up, but other items like printers and mice don't have any problems.

Am looking for a DVI to ADC monitor adaptor (the fat, powered one) and/or an original Tiger Disk-set like this one ( ) in pristine shape as a collector's piece. Feel free to reply if we can deal/negotiate.