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Joined: 2019 Mar 31

Thank you for having this web site to archive my Macintosh software.

My first Macintosh was a Macintosh Plus that I purchased during college with the education discount. After graduating I sold that computer and used a work provided computer. My next computers that I used at home often are Macintosh Quadra 840AV and Power Macintosh 8500.

My first computer programming job used Symantec C++ for System Software 7. I was a member of the Apple developer program and have most of the CDs and DVDs they distributed. Later I moved into a more comprehensive support position and worked on hardware and networking. For networking we used LocalTalk and Farallon StarController with Ethernet for the servers. We used Retrospect for distributed backup to 650MB phase change (PD) discs and DAT tape.

About the time when Mac OS X came out we switched to Microsoft Windows. When I retire and move to China with my wife, I have many old Macintosh computers to discard. I will only be able to keep just one Macintosh computer which would be a Macintosh mini 2010.


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Greetings and thanks for placing your invaluable archive with us. I have been amazed to see the titles in your possession arrive here. Some of which I had long thought that I would not see in my lifetime. It is just a delight to see they are still in existence.

I hope that if you ever have the time that you will also participate in any of the more technical side of discussions that periodically arise here.

I also hope that your Macintosh computer collection will find an appreciative home when it does come time for you to retire. Anyway, nice to see you here.