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Joined: 2009 Apr 23
Graphic Software

Hello, I am looking for disk images or real disks of graphic software:
- PixelPaint Professional (All versions)
- Studio 8 and Studio 32
- Photon Paint
- QuarkXpress 1.0

I have titels, that are not available online yet and will upload them as soon as I found time to make them as suggested with DC 4.2 and in SIT ver 3.x

Titles I have and are not available online anywhere yet:
- Adobe illustrator Program disk (Unserialized, needs to be cracked)
- Adobe Illustrator 1.1 Tutorial disk
- Adobe Illustrator 88 ver. 1.6 and 1.9.5
- GraphistPaint Color II
- Letraset ImageStudio 1.5
- PixelPaint 1.0 artwork disks
- QuarkXpress 1.1
- MacPublisher 1.25
- PageMaker 1.2



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Joined: 2012 Aug 9

We would be happy to have these titles on Macintosh Garden!

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Joined: 2009 Dec 19

Hi SloMacuser,
I have Studio 32 along with its box and manual. It is, however, made by our favourite software company. What would like me to do?

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Joined: 2009 Apr 23

Hello soudesune!

Great to hear that you have Studio 32 Smile would you please make disk images and upload them here? Meanwhile I have uploaded Quark version 1.1 and Artwork disks of PixelPaint 1.0 along with PixelPaint Spectrum app which runs only on Mac II with Spectrum video card.

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Joined: 2019 Jul 21

I'm also looking for studio 1, studio 8 if you have them? Can't find these anywhere! thanks

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im really curious about studio /1 and /8 as well!
also hard to find info on "oasis" by time arts (precursor to painter?)

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Here's where I found Studio/1

I uploaded it here on Mac Garden