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General Control over 7.1 on Powerbook 180c, one drive

Hi All, Got some system disks for my 180c and was able to load system, setup ram drive. But I need help to maximize the Mac. First, My Mac has 14 msg of ram. How big of a ram drive should I have? Second, System Cache, what does this optimize? what size should it be? Does this help in any way the the incessant disk swapping? Do you recommend starting up in the Ram Disk, is it possible on a one drive system? Now moving on, the system recognizes my HD but says it can not be initialized. Is there low level format, what should my next step be? Also I have connected a SCSI CD-Rom drive but the system doesn't see it. What needs to be added to 7.1 in order for it too see it? Lastly, now that I have purchased system disks how can I copy them to protect my investment. Seems I can not copy the System disk?
All your help is much appreciated.
Brad Hansen


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It may be that your SCSI HD does not have an Apple EROM, preventing it from being initialised using standard Apple HD tools. Or it was previously formatted using some 3rd party HD tool and cannot be initialised. Just surmising, as these could be possibilities.

You can boot up with a Disk Tools disk containing the patched HD SC Setup v7.3.5. This utility is useful for formatting most SCSI hard drives and the top download on that page contains a bootable floppy disk image for use on 68k Macs, such as your PB 180c, once written back to 1.4MB floppy disk.

Is it that you can only run this Mac via a floppy disk at present? In which case incessant floppy swapping will be the norm. You could probably do with a custom boot floppy containing a few tools that might help diagnose some issues like your CD drive. It's difficult to fit many tools onto a floppy disk, plus a System file, but you could have a boot floppy with SCSIProbe at least. - SCSIProbe will show you if the Mac can see all devices connected to its SCSI chain, including your Hard Drive and CD drive.

You might also need CD ROM drivers. These need to be loaded at start up time. Likely, as the PB 180c did not ship with a CD drive, that no CD drivers are included in it's installer set. You may need to source these elsewhere. But if you haven't got a working OS on your HD, then you should try to sort out the HD first.

When you have a working HD set up. Consider using RAMDoubler instead of a RAM disk, this will give you at least 28MB virtual RAM to work with. Its better than Apple's idea of virtual RAM of the period and more reliable. Apple didn't produce better VM until later in it's OS development.

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Mike, Thank you, good informaton.

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Did you consider removing the PB´s SCSI HDD for preparing it the way you want with another Mac (emulator) ?

Basislik II Build 142 does work as Mac II or Quadra with SCSI, CD support and such, if you decide to set it up with e.g. Windows XP and SCSI HBA.
Newer Windows hosts will do too, but CD-ROM support is broken on 64bit hosts and SCSI is hit and miss, depending on HBA driver support.
Backup copies of HD floppies are possible BII / B142. DiskDup+ runs fine under emulation.