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Joined: 2011 Dec 30
GBMac Gameboy Emulator

I am looking for an old Gameboy emulator called GBMac for my 68k MAC. I have the shareware version (that was listed on the original website: and it is working well, but save-states are disabled in shareware version.
I tried to contact the author by email about the registered version, but no answer.
Is there anyone who has registered version?


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Joined: 2010 Nov 12

I remember looking, never found anything. Unfortunate.

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Joined: 2014 Aug 23

Never heard of that one. I've used Virtual Gameboy, Boycott, and KiGB emulators under OS 9 (the last two work under OS X as well).

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Joined: 2012 Aug 9

Can you please upload your copy of GBMac to the new entry GBMac that I created? The original author's download page does not work anymore.
If the executable is available, maybe anyone can hack a crack enabling the full abilities of the shareware program.

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Joined: 2011 Dec 30

I got it from zophar, where is still available for download:
Very fast emulator for 68k, that is why it is such interesting.

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Anyone got the version 1.3.1 to share?