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Gaming Stinks

Yeah, that's right.

The other day, I was looking at the latest "RAGE" trailer >
Look at timeindex 1.30 -- that *smoke* ....
Jesus, that looks photorealistic.
I've never seen it depicted so exactingly.

And that's what got me ta thinkin' ....
As you are all so well aware, 90% of games since "DOOM" -- 1993 -- have been first person shooters.
EVERY frackin' game, it seems, has to have some sort of implement o' destruction
jutting out from the lpwer right hand corner of the screen.
After looking at the "RAGE" trailer & seeing that smoke, for example,
I wondered why all of this *wonderful* audio & graphic horsepower is being WASTED on these games ?!?
Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE FPSes.
I'm counting the days until "RAGE" comes out.
And I will be the first person to buy the Macintosh version of "Wolfenstein".
But EVERY game ....?
I like ribeye steak -- I don't wanna eat it EVERY day.

I have a folder on my hardrive called "System 6".
In it, I have all the System 6 software I manage to cull from the InterNet
to be transferred to a floppydisk to use on my Macintosh Classic II computer.
Right now, the folder stands at 37300000 bytes.
37300000 bytes ....
That wouldn't cover the soundtrack of a game now.
But I will spend countless time with the System 6 games;
lost in the splendor of their lovingly handcrafted world-on-a-floppydisk milieu.
When software programming is looked at as an art.

Where are The Golden Age masters -- Incentive SoftWare: The FreeScape Engine, David Smith: "The Colony",
Paul Woakes: "Damocles" & David Parker: "HellCats Over The Pacific"
[I wrote to him & he works for LucasArts now on the DMM engine.] --
when all of these production tools are available?
It's not like Richard Garriott's doin' anything right now after he & NC Soft going their repective seperate ways.
Can you imagine an new "Ultima" game done in "ID Tech6" ?


And on a somewhat related note, can someone reccommend the best casino game on Macintosh Garden ?
For System 6 & have the typical casino games: Poker/BlackJack/Craps/Roulette/Slots/Keno/HorseRacing.
And a golf game.
Recommend one of those, too.



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Yup, i totally relate. My friends and I often discuss the same things in regards to this. Recent games are reiterations of the same general models. Nicer graphics, nicer music (or sometimes not), bigger worlds... but less imaginative and thought-provoking, most of the time. Sad to say, I barely buy games anymore - only the occasional noteworthy title. They are so expensive, and you do not get an amazing product - just something with a real nice polish on it, but not something you're going to reminisce about 5-10 years from now!

Dunno, it's been said so many times. But, this is why I'm thankful for new platforms like iPhone where the "retro" gaming style is coming back a little bit, because of the limitations and inherently "low-tech" nature of the platform. Check this out, does it look like a classic LucasArts adventure game or what? Very very cool game that's on the way. Finally some classic gameplay and awesome atmosphere. Smile

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Dude ....

EXCELLENT point in bringing up "Sword & Sorcery EP".

I was reading about that 3 days ago at TouchArcade.Com.

Looks really really sweet.

And the iOS versions of "The Secret Of Monkey Island", "FlashBack" and, yes, even "MYST" are selling gangbusters &
have people clamoring to make an iOS bersion of "Out Of This World".

This is telling ....


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Well, never forget that computing was originally financed by the weapon industry which is very close to Silicon Valley. The long term master plan of computing and internet is to seduce us all into stupidity, get us used to violence, and - most importantly - control us. Even this website serves a bigger purpose: it makes it possible for Them to localize, study and analyze all the renitent retrogrades... - Or why do you think do They allow to up- and download abandonware something which from a legal point of view is quite problematic. They certainly do this not for cultural preservation! They never support culture for its own ends. This is also why the Google financed Mozilla foundation released Classilla: They want to get a hold over the elite of classic Mac users.

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@xy: Factual Correction: Classilla is currently being developed solely by Cameron Kaiser, who, to the best of my knowledge, is working entirely outside of Mozilla's grasp. From the Classilla FAQ:

Does Mozilla support Classilla or Clecko?

No, and it is highly unlikely they will ever support OS 9 at all again given the niche user base. For this reason, you should not ask Mozilla for support of Classilla/Clecko, nor should you file Bugzilla entries about bugs in Classilla. If there is a specific issue that merits Bugzilla notation, let the Classilla project leads determine that on your behalf.

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... and here's an interesting article with the SASEP guys ....

Further proof intertainment is an *art*.


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... and here's a PERFECT example of The Golden Age asthetic ....

Digital: A Love Story >