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Games which improve with 90 degree screen rotation (in OSX Tiger)

I say OSX Tiger because all which came before doesn't support 90 degree screen rotation (on my ATI hardware) and, that which came after (OSX Leopard) tends to after rotation show games as if they were still in Landscape aspect ratio, X>Y, with giant black bars on top and bottom of an otherwise Portrait mode (Y>X) screen orientation. Only OSX 10.4 Tiger, it seems, allows many games to play in fullscreen portrait mode, even if the game never intended it.

Some games become worse, or little difference, but some games become wicked better in portrait mode. Ocassionally, a game develops the look and feel of two very different games depending upon run in Landscape vs Portrait mode. Anybody have experiences?

Active Lancer
Captain Bumper Demo
Deimos Rising
Ghost Master 101 Demo
Gutterball 2 (bowling in 3D)
Nanosaur 2 Hatchling (Demo)
No One Lives Forever
Harry Potter II (Demo)
Shoot Things "(Day 23)"
Starbase Defender
Tiger Woods Golf 2003 (Demo)

Captain Bumper, Shoot Things, and Starbase Defender all probably just scale their images to fill the Portrait mode screen.

Oni and Nanosaur 2 are hard to play because the camera is zoomed too near the player, maybe this can be adjusted.

Active Lancer and Deimos Rising become more like the arcade console Xevious which they're modeled after.

If frame rate becomes sluggish, try decreasing fullscreen resolution before launching your game. Generally increasing the Y magnitude uses more processing power than increasing the X resolution, i.e. 1600x1200 might draw ok but on the same hardware 1200x1600 might bog down a little, not always - depends on each game.

Some 3D immersion games are incredibly better in Portrait mode, like Tiger Woods swinging the golf club over his head and Harry Potter waving his magic wand over his head, or looking down a long bowling alley. Or half naked girls walking upstairs viewed from behind (in Ghost Master).

Looks like "Shoot Things (day 23)" isn't on our Garden, it's only an iDevGames contest entry (for the year 2004) so we should get it on here cause it's so cool, vectorized, far into the game it has Atari Asteroids with role reversal, you find yourself to be a flying saucer dueling the AI mining ship, ha!


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Sony PlayStation "Namco Museum" allows 90 degree screen rotation, works in OS9 on my Mac's emulator "Connectix VGS" without GPU support even. "Galaga" is not an exact replica of the arcade console when in Landscape mode, the default. So press the "i" key to get preferences, a virtual set of DIP switches, and flick switch #2. Before rotating, the PS1 game shows a splashscreen warning about how a heavy television when placed on its side can fall and cause injury and property damage. Then Galaga/Pac-Man/etc plays exactly as in the arcades in the past, even when emulated in OS9.

Pac-Man has a "pattern" for winning anyone can memorize, and Galaga has a "bug" that can stop the enemy from dropping bombs allowing endless play until rollovers occur. Go-ogle "Galaga Cheat" and perfect emulators will allow it as will perfect arcade consoles which haven't blocked the trick.