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games from Webfoot Technologies all have issues

Compatibility issues, abrupt name changes, bugs, spelling mistakes, quirky or non existent marketing, etc. These at-first well-written games seem to have mostly Eastern European name credits, and their trouble looks like shoddy English language distribution, tsk tsk.

Webfoot began making things before year 1999, by now they have over fifty titles but their website webfootgames dot com doesn't offer to directly sell me any, is it because their site is sensing my connecting with an android device not a Mac? Or they really do just rely on telling folks to 'visit your retailer'. Lots of what they offer now might be iOS and newer titles, with older/desktop titles phased out.

They began by specializing in 3D remakes of old 1980s arcade ideas. We have two pages here already, offering 5 games total. 3D Toad Panic (a la Frogger), and "America's Greatest Arcade Hits" collection with 4 titles in it: based on 3D Pac-Man, 3D Space Invaders, 3D Q*Bert, & 3D Tetris.

There are other games in the 3D arcade series which also date back to 1999 yet we don't have them, and I couldn't find downloads via websearches. For example there is a 3D Joust game named "(3D) Dragon Duel" in 1999, rereleased no later than 2009 with improved graphics, and after that it was renamed "(3D) Dragon Castle". This is typical of many of their games. Released for OS9, given better graphics but same gameplay for OSX, and two or more names it goes by.

I found an update to 3D Toad Panic, and don't know if I should place it on the Toad Panic page or make a new page. If we end up with a different page for each different name for the same game then there will be hundreds of webfoot pages, a mess. Consolidation maybe desirable.

I have 3 other of their games that can be run on PowerPC. Their files are dated 2010 but I know they are recompiled rereleases and the date "2008-2009" is found inside if you dig far enough into all three, so they ought to be ok to upload and I think I'll be doing that soon. But while these 3 games are PowerPC, they require Leopard OSX 10.5 - tsk tsk.

But I'd like to find more older versions that can run in Tiger or earlier! Anybody have Tiger compatible or even Jaguar/OS9 compatible webfoot games??


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website webfootgames dot com doesn't offer to directly sell me any, is it because their site is sensing my connecting with an android device not a Mac?

I can be wrong, but looks like all their titles are no longer available for Mac OS, iOS, Google Drive, but still available from Amazon (only for Windows). Doesn't know really why. Sad

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I check Webfoot technologies on my web browser is tenfourfox. Frog fury lite is not sale for mac but for only sale for PC at Amazon at $4.99. All webfoot technologies are not sale for mac. I check some of games. Itunes said the game is not sale.

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R they really selling "Lite" edition to those PCers? It truly is just a demo, limited to no more than 4 levels. And in research I remember the Demo was said to be 4 levels plus no high score list. "Lite" has high score list But new records don't post to it. The full 2008-2013 versions are named plain "Frog Fury" or else "Frog Frenzy".

Anyway, still not being sold for Mac/PowerPC...

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I own 24 more Webfoot game apps in addition to what has already been uploaded, and what I have includes the third-generation full-length "Frog Frenzy" (2013). To keep it sane we need to recognize webfoot made 3 levels of graphics complexity to their games. 1st gen graphics is the simplest, abouts year 1999. 2nd generation graphics doubles the complexity of 1st gen, and usually kept identical gameplay (Toad Panic vs Frog Fury), the 2nd generation graphics came in about 2004 to 2008. Later once again the complexity was redoubled when 2nd gen yielded to 3rd gen game apps, around 2013, but 3rd gen got some rewritten gameplay to it as well.

Still hoping someone's got Tiger friendly 2nd gen apps. 21 of my 24 apps are 3rd gen, require Intel CPUs and Leopard OS minimum, year 2013: not allowed to upload unless we're sure they're 'abandonware' now.

Are a bunch of hot little games; 3rd-gen 3D Space Invaders will short circuit yer nerve and burn yer retina.
Here's the list of some 10 more 3rd-gen (2013) 3D'orized 1980's coin-op spoofs I own :

. Breakout (Brick Blaster)
. Bubble Bobble (Bubbly Burst)
. Centipede (Bug Attack)
. Donkey Kong (Ape vs. Caveman aka Caveman Rocks)
. Frogger (Frog Frenzy)
. Q*Bert (Jumpy Bean)
. Space Invaders (Alien Invasion)
. Tetris (Cubix Mania)
. Defender (Missile Madness)
. Stargate (Santa vs The Evil Elves)

The remaining 3 titles are 2nd generation and I'd like to make pages and upload them right now while I've got the time. The three 2nd-gen apps support PowerPC natively. They contain documents which depict 2nd-gen graphics directly alongside the text "(c)2008-2009" even tho there is 2010 written in some places; they just went thru a compiler repass as webfoot minted physical discs continuously, not internet handouts stamped w/ a fixed date. Any objection to 3 more upcoming ppc webfoot pages circa 2009 ?? One of them is the Joust spoof !

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Made pages for the three PPC games, Game Room - 3D Dragon Duel - Magic Hat.

Seeing that no Tiger friendly webfoots have shown yet, I must say these three game apps plus the "Frog Fury Lite" - four game apps so far, all have something interesting in common.

They're bundled up in a "wrapper" executable, the *identical* wrapper across all four game apps. My guess or hope is they're each Tiger friendly UB's which failed to launch in OSX 10.6 (released in 2009) so the purpose of this uniform wrapper code was to make them SL compatible but Tiger compatibility then fell off. So with luck, the wrapper can be removed to reconstruct them as Tiger apps. However this leaves each game's "resources" in some kind of scrambled state, they still don't run wrapperless until someone can fix their resources file structure?? In the event that the SDL frameworks go beyond Tiger, there exist Tiger friendly SDL frameworks inside other game files such as "Okugai".