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Games made outside of the US and Europe

I realize a lot of the Mac software here is coded within these two areas of the world, given they are also the biggest markets for such software. I'm also aware there is a significant amount of Japanese software too, especially when it comes to games exclusively released there like the Samurai Mech series.

I know there is educational software released in South America, South Korea, and a handful of other places mainly meant for children. However, it's not terribly well-documented in general. However, considering the Mac market already had plenty of it as is, I'm wondering how many games there are we don't know of, yet were released in these markets. Particularly in Australia, Russia, and Mexico, in my case.

Also, as for software made outside of Earth, this topic isn't meant for that. Besides, I doubt there would be lifeforms capable of speaking our languages anyhow.


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I agree! It would interesting to see games/software from the post-soviet era made for Macintosh (I kinda recall someone telling me that Apple had some kind of a significant part of the PC marketshare in the mid-90s in Russia... but maybe he was wrong.).

Also, more Visual Novel, especially native OS X ones would be greatly appreciated ahahah I don't even know if there was any Visual Novel codded for the OS X/PPC era aha