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Game files won't open

I am running vmac on Windows.

I have tried to open game files from this site on two different versions of vmac (including the most recent alpha) and all I get is an empty untitled disk with an empty untitled folder on it.

I know the emulator is working because I've gotten other old games from different sites (they were .dsk format) to work.

I notice the format of game files from this site is .sit

Do I need to convert them?
If so, is that something you do on the emulator itself?

Sorry, super nooby here. Just feeling nostalgic for some 1986 mac games.


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Please don't double post. There is an "edit" button, or you can just comment.

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Whoops. Sorry.

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You can't just try to make Mini vMac open .sit files. These are Stuffit Archives, not disk images (.dsk, .img). Mini vMac can only open disk images. You need to download Stuffit Expander at in order to decompress the files. Once you decompress them you will hopefully get a disk image. If not, you'll probably need to download (I haven't personally used this utility, because I generally use the Mac, but others have). This will let you put the games onto your startup disk, I think.

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Here are the notes for opening archived files in Mini vMac.

1. There is a huge problem with some games on this site, when it comes to Mini vMac. See, Mini vMac only runs Stuffit 4. But some games were archived using a later version of Stuffit, so they won't open at all in Mini vMac. So your file will have to be dealt with in one of three ways.

2. If the archive you downloaded from Macintosh Garden contains a disk image you can open them using Stuffit for Windows and then just mount it in Mini vMac. That's easy.

3. If it is NOT a disk image, you will have to use Basilisk II to get at the game. Basilisk II is another Macintosh emulator that is capable of running Mac OS 7 and 8,and later versions of Stuffit. You can then play the game in Basilisk II or just transfer it over to vMac. Doing the latter might involve mounting your Basilisk II hard disk image in Mini vMac.

4. Finally, if you have a Stuffit 4 file you can easily get at the game in Mini vMac. Use ImportFL to get the file into Mini vMac and then unstuffit it using Stuffit 4. Here's a link: This is a bit better than HFVExplorer, which is rfered to above. It is just much simpler.

All of this is complicated. I know, right?

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' with 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User