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Full Screen QuickTime Movie Possible? (OS 9)


Is there a way to play QT movies Full Screen in Mac OS 9?
Is there some third party App. to do so?

Thank you.


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QuickTime Player v3 thru v6 start without that ability, but you unlock it and other features by purchasing and registering a "QuickTime Pro" keycode.

This player works right "out of the box":
but doesn't draw smoothly for my G5-ish System. I use v6 Pro.

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QuickTime version? 6?

Is the QuickTime Player registered (unlocked)? If so, this should be "Command + M" to get full screen (or "Present Movie" located under "File" menu).

I only use the QuickTime Player version 2.5.1, with QuickTime 6 tho' (linked by SkyCapt above), so that command may have changed since.

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The easiest way, as SkyCapt says, would be to put a registration code in Quicktime to enable Pro features.

Other options according to this Apple Discussions forum topic (worded almost exactly the same as this topic's question Smile) are Tru Playa (link no longer works) or PresentMovie which seems to still be available on the developer's, but it's a bit vague as to whether you have to pay a registration fee (it says a thank you email adequate).

There are no doubt others too.