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[Solved - kind of] Full HTTPS links are embedded as the (PDF) manuals download links

It appears that the upload mechanism for adding PDF manuals is embedding full https (only) links, instead of using neutral localized links.

See Postal 2: Share the Pain and DoorStop Personal Edition 2 / LogDoor / ShareWay IP for examples of this.

[Edit] Ah heck - stupid me. Scratch that. Something dumped me from HTTP into HTTPS when I entered that DoorStop page.

And I can't replicate it again. The upload mechanism is obviously not embedding full URLs there.

Wish I knew what was causing it to get dumped like this tho' (recent version of Firefox).


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Running Firefox 82 I had kind of the same trouble (it would automatically push me over to https even though I deliberately wanted http). Testing on my MDD everything works fine though and my uploads from yesterday work fine through http.

Maybe Mozilla is now in the "we-know-better-whats-good-for-you" club as well?

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Yeah, this is really annoying - 2 mins after my edit I'm dumped back into https after clicking that Postal Link again. I've tried about everything I can think of to get this browser to do what I want it to! damn it.

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Your browser might be sending an HTTP header to upgrade insecure requests which cause the web server to issue a 30x redirect with an https:// location.

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That's a good link. Thanks Dog Cow.

I found a couple hints elsewhere that seems to have fixed my Firefox issues in the MG (so far so good).

In about:config

network.stricttransportsecurity.preloadlist <-- set it to "false"
browser.fixup.fallback-to-https <-- set it to "false"

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Mozilla, Google and Microsoft knows what's best for you, don't think, just do as you're told and supposed to do Wink

I'll have a look at some of the settings and see if it's something I can do about

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It should be possible to check the browser version and adjust encryption level based on what's presented.