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Frustrated over Ram Charger

Hi All, I am having an issue installing Ram Charger which I see can be a pretty
useful app for my PowerBook 1400c. It is asking for a S/N before I can install
it. I have read all through the comments and the S/N issue is mentioned but
no ones give a useable number or a work around. Why upload programs that
are not easily downloaded and installed? This seems to defeat the purpose
of the site. This is just my frustration coming out, sorry. Can anyone give
me the answer?
Brad Hansen


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What version(s) of RamCharger u want? I have some codes.
Also, sometimes codes are included in a dL here without mention of it on the page or in the comments. Did you look carefully inside?

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Can't help with Ram Charger, but have you tried RAM Doubler, instead?

If you're running Mac OS 8.1 or newer, then I would try either RAM Doubler 8 or RAM Doubler 9.

Basically, RAM Doubler does the same task as RAM Charger, and there are patched copies on both of those pages, made for easy use.

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For Ram Charger try:


1HU18-7M33E-M3KC3 for v. 8.1