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Joined: 2009 May 8
Free Mac collection

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to empty an apartment (w. basement) which has a rather large collection of computers, software, hardware, CD-ROMs, floppies, books, manuals etc etc etc. While focused on Mac, some PC stuff is in there too. It's mostly from the 80's and 90's (or early 2000's). To the best of my knowledge, everything except two or three items are fully working (and it's possible those can be repaired). Some could use a good cleaning.

I would really hate to be forced to trash everything. So lacking a better solution, I would be willing to give the collection away, but only if the person is able to get it all, as due to medical reasons I am unable to pack/carry/transfer anything myself. So no picking and choosing. But of course that person is then free to do as he/she wants with it. Just don't tell me in case anything is dumped!

It's in Sweden. Sadly those I personally know who would be interested are located on the other side of the world. So if you or anyone you know would be interested and most of all, realistically able to get it, please let me know as soon as possible.

P.S. some of many examples includes:
iMac Bondi Blue, LC, SE/30, Mac II, ImageWriter, StyleWriter, external displays, SyQuest Drive (and discs), Tape Drive (and tapes), CD-ROMs and floppies (w. software, games, images, magazines), modems, cables, books, manuals, etc etc etc.


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Might you have Ghostwriter Mysteries for Creative Writer: The Case of the Blue Makva? Been looking for a copy for awhile.

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Joined: 2009 May 8

I don't think so, but either way, I am sorry, but it's simply not possible to make single requests in this case.

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Joined: 2009 Oct 23

Where in Sweden are you located? It'd be a shame to throw away, as I am also located in Sweden I'd love to help preserve the software and make sure the hardware finds good homes.

Tell you what though, I'm sending an E-Mail.

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Joined: 2016 Sep 4

I hope someone is able to get it and take good care of it. I definitely would if I didn't live in Australia. If you're willing to let people pick and choose stuff you have, please let me know. I'll pay for postage plus quite a bit extra for your trouble.

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Joined: 2009 May 8

While I wish I could go through and list what I have, and let people pick and choose, I simply don't have the time or energy for that. If I did, I wouldn't get rid of any of it.... but negotiations are in the works with fogWraith, so who knows what might be possible eventually.

Loving your avatar, btw! One of my most loved (and most played) games ever.

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Joined: 2018 Jul 2

Hey Pagan!

Sorry to hear that you're getting rid of your old Mac-stuff, especially in the light of a medical condition. Always feels like I'm losing a brother, so hope that the passion is still there - even if the baggage is going Wink

Would love to take a trip across the border (expecially for the SyQuest), but my wife would kill me TWICE if I did Sad

When I donated all my Mac-stuff 10 years ago (read: before re-staring my collection again last year), I advertised it free on and had a taker within a day or two. So if it becomes difficult for fogWraith or any of the other fellow Gardeners, I think you'd easily be able to find someone on Smile

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I am very sorry to hear of your condition. I wish I was in Sweden to help you out. It will be sad for you to see your collection go. I am sure tho' that your collection will go to a good home and that you will soon get some good help in moving the goods from out of your home.

All my best wishes, pagan.

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Sorry for the loss of your collection. Did you consider to make a donation to a local computer (or technology) museum? Or to a local university (as a research material) or public library? Here is what I have found after a short research on Google:

Data Museet
[Sweedish Computer Museum]
located at Linköping

Tekniska Museet
[The National Museum of Science and Technology]
located at Stockholm

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SwedeBear may be interested, I'll ask him in case you don't find someone here