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Joined: 2009 Dec 7
Found new (?) page with old stuff

OK - I honestly doubt I am the only one here to have stumbled onto this page - but there is a lot of old download links here dating back to 2000; I see apps for classic and 68k.

It's just an index of a TUCOWS subset (Virgin Media), but I know there is stuff here that is not in the Garden, and because it's a list which includes date and file type (.hqx for instance) it can be scanned with a discerning eye fairly quickly.

There's a LOT of old movie screensavers (in which I have zero interest) but if you're the one person on the planet that wants the "Alfie" screensaver for OS 9 then this is the site for you.

If you y'all find anything of value please let me know here so I can be "tickled pink" (as they say)

PS - it takes some extra seconds for this page to load and will probably gum up your browser while you're waiting


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Its Tucows mirror Smile

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I downloaded 2 files from the list pseudo-randomly. They were both .hqx files.

One unpacked into a .dmg file. The other became a "pkg" that issued "the operating system you are using cannot run this app" (heavily paraphrased) message.



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Most of my recent uploads to the garden have been from Tucows, there is a reasonable amount of old mac shareware/freeware content on it that doesn't exist here. Sod knows why they still host it

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exactly - I know many people here are already familiar with TUCOWS - what I like about this link is that it's a text/list, so you can see a lot of stuff quickly - add to that the ability to randomly spot things you weren't looking for or did not even know existed

in general I love links like this, to include FTP sites - I think there's a lot more software out there to find - old versions of apps frequently still reside somewhere, even though the developer's site may not publish the links (Internet Archive Wayback Machine taught me that..!!!)