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File transfer OS9 <-> El Capitan?

Back in the day I used to plug an ethernet cable from my SE/30 running 7 into an iMac G3 running OSX to do file sharing. Of course a useful feature like that has been stripped from the more recent OSX. These days I have a PowerMac 7500 running OS9 and 7.6 that I would like to file transfer with a MacBook Pro running El Capitan (hopefully both ways OS9<->OSX).

What are some reliable options? I have no experience with Timbuktu, but thought I read somewhere that it can do file transfer? Netatalk? afpfs-ng-OSX?


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Add a PCI USB card to the 7500 and use 2 or 4GB USB sticks.
Or you could also use a USB Zip Drive once you have USB ports (depending on file sizes).
I have found that you need to use the 8.6 USB drivers in 9.2.2 as the 9.2.2 drivers were designed for iBooks and iMacs with onboard USB ports. Not sure about earlier versions of OS 9.
I have them installed in all my PCI Macs (7300, 7500, BeigeG3). Not sure what make and model but I will check if you are interested.

Or you could hook up a SCSI CD writer to the 7500 and use Toast and re-writable CDs.

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Also perhaps floppy disks (if the drive on the 7500 is still working) or CD-RW discs (if the 7500 has a CD-RW drive) are other options.

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MacNFS on the 7500 and mapped NFS shares in El Capitan might be one solution for you.
I wrote a tiny guide about it a couple of years ago:

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If no direct cable connection would work, we are talking about an analog data exchange method like adding the same drive to both of the computers, with its depending connection availability.
For example, an Iomega SCSI Zip Drive to the 7500, and an USB Zip Drive to the Capitano Mac.

Me, recently discovered that the newer Mac won't write to HFS Standard media,
while the even older computer that I've set up recently (an Apple IIGS) has no idea about HFS+ media.

But the 7500, if it has been set up with Mac OS 8.1 to 9.2, should work fine with HFS+ formatted drive media.

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The fastest would be to just use an IDE to Sata Bridge or universal USB adapter directly on the HD.

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I know this answer is a bit late, but I am using the same setup described, and I use Javaline, a java-based hotline server running on the El Capitan machine, and Hotline Client running on the OS 9 machine. It's fast, easy, and bi-directional if you're logging on to the server as the admin. Very reliable.