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file sharing (OS 9 to OS 10.x.x)

apologies if this is already covered here somewhere else - looking for the best (by which I mean of course the easiest) way to share files between my OS 9.2.2 and the rest of the computers on my home network, which include 10.3.9, 10.4.11, 10.5, 10.6.8, 10.7.5 & 10.9.1 (yeah I know I skipped 10.8.5 but I have it on an external drive if I'm so inclined to boot to it) ... there's also a Ubuntu 12.0.4 and a Windows 7 partition on the iMac by the way if you wanna get crazy...

was thinking plain old FTP or SMB - thoughts? options?

I've looked briefly at the info here:

was also wondering if this will software will work with 10.6.8 and beyond:

I admit that I have no idea whether the current Control Panel/File Sharing of my 9.2.2 works because I have not had the patience to let it finish attempting to start ....

I do know that the AFP protocol is incompatible (between 9.2.2 and Lion anyway) at least according to the error message (it sees the iMac but won't connect)


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I run Netatalk in a Debian virtual machine on Windows. Works with 10.9 all the way down to System 6.

If you scroll down the Classic Mac Networking page to the Netatalk section you'll find all the info you need to get it set up.

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In the first link you mention, in the table of compatible OS's, in the section for lion and mountain lion, there's a link to an apple KB that describes how to enable conectivity to legacy AFP services. However, it seems mavericks is out of the question. I would like to mention my favorite software to transfer files between all families of OS's: Timbuktu. Version 6.0.3 (last one to run under OS9) is perfectly compatible with the current version (8.8.5).

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I have heard that copying the (or whatever it is called) from 10.4 and copying it into 10.7 works, or might. I have yet to try it out, but it sounds interesting.

You can also run Windows 2000/2003 Server, either on a real machine or a VM, although I haven't tried it in a VM. The SFM feature actually does work fairly well.

From your existing hardware base, you can use the 10.3 or 10.4 system as a central server and everything else connects to it as a client. AFP will work perfectly fine in this situation.

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After several sleepless nights regarding this I FINALLY cracked it. I have a Mac Mini running Mavericks Server and an iMac i7 running Mavericks in the studio. I need to somehow transfer files between them and my Pro Tools machine, a PowerMac G4 MDD running Mac OS 9.2.2. After trying ShareWay IP, DAVE and spoofing AFP versions without any luck I stumbled upon MacNFS.

MacNFS is an awesome implementation of NFS for Mac OS 7.6 to 9.2.2. What it does is giving Mac OS the same way of mounting NFS mounts as we are used to with AppleTalk and AFP, via the chooser.

What you need is:

*MacNFS on your "Classic" machine
You can find it here:
It says in the "read me" file that you need the full version of MacNFS in order to use the updated version in the archive, but you don't. Just drop the file named "MacNFS" in your extensions folder and reboot. Now, if you go to the Apple menu and open the chooser, you should have an icon named MacNFS. Goodie. Click it and it asks for a serial number. Serials can be found in the usual places, or you could use this one:

*NFS Manager on your OSX/Intel machine
You can find it here:
No need for a serial if you can live with the nag screens (you will only need the app when you manage your shares anyway. The NFS server always starts up with OSX).
OSX already has NFS implemented, since it's a UNIX based operating system (and NFS is the default file sharing protocol in any UNIX based OS). What NFS Manager does is giving you a nice and Macish GUI for the command line NFS stuff. What you need to do now is add a NFS share and set some access rights.
This is pretty straight forward.

Next you mount your newly created NFS share on your old "Classic" Mac system, and off you go with your filesharing awesomeness! Tongue

Thought I'd share this with everyone since it seems to be a big issue over all since apple "killed" AFP for us.

EDIT: Added the app and the guide along with a screenshot here:
MacGarden/MacNFS 3.0p3

Edit: Made the app link clickable - IIGS User

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The Problem with MacNSF is that I haven't been able to login to the server so I have to access the files as anonymous with "everyone" R/W access.

However, I have been able to install Netatalk on my OS X 10.6 mac. I managed to connect my system 7 powermac to the Appleshare server on snow leopard. Which is much better for file permissions I think.

No install needed on the old mac. It works straight away!

I did a post on system7today's forum explaining how to do it :