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FFMPEG Binary for PPC Leopard

Hi Everyone,

I occasionally need to convert mp4 files to webm for web page embedding/browser compatibility. Since I'm not really all that great with compiling I looked everywhere for a ffmpeg PPC binary that would allow me to do these video conversions. Almost everything I found was dead links or apps that simply ran on top of an existing ffmpeg install. Eventually though I came to find this little gem:

It works great on my G5 10.5 setup. Throw the binary in your /sbin directory and call it up in the Terminal by typing ffmpeg. I hope someone else finds this useful!


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There's a 10.2 and 10.3+ compatible version of FFMpegX available at the website: -- for those who don't want to use Terminal.

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Thank you for this! When typing "ffmpeg mac os leopard 10.5.8" in Google there's only a bunch of outdated post, but no real download link was to be found!