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Joined: 2010 Mar 20
Dropbox is leaving PPC...!!! Raise your voice!!!

Sign up this petition to get those lazy coders back to work!
Its free.

At this time we need like 220 signatures or more.


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Joined: 2011 Jul 21

I've never used Dropbox. What makes it worth saving?


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Joined: 2010 Oct 3

I hate to sound pessimistic, but in reality developers have to drop support for PowerPC at some point. I think us PPC users have actually had it quite good that 10 years after the switch there are still any mainstream apps that run on PPC macs. Sure most mainstream windows apps will still run on windows xp, but it's still the same architecture, whereas with our PPC macs it means the devs keeping support for a different architecture whith a increasingly small userbase.

Don't get me wrong, I love my old macs and I would love to still be rocking my G4 quicksilver tower as my main desktop but is just isn't practical these days

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Dropbox is a business - they make their money selling storage - the Mac PPC marketshare probably falls WAY short to justify the additional time/money spent supporting (...the issue likely boils down not to how many PPC owners USE Dropbox, but how many PPC owners and petition signers actually PAY for storage...?)

Additionally, as a Dropbox user I am hoping their main focus is on SECURITY - somewhere ( a country that shall go unnamed here but probably rhymes with "Splina"...) there is a room full of hackers trying to see what might be in Pres. Obama's Dropbox, and I would prefer they do not stumble into my account instead.

If I really want a storage solution that I can access from all my devices I'll get off MY lazy butt and fire up FTP - then I'll have OS 7, 8, and 9 access too.

Final thought; perhaps an alternative approach would be to ask the good folk at Dropbox for WebDAV functionality (which their competitor BoxSync currently has) - then you could access your folders with Cyberduck or mount as a network drive(?)