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DR-DOS issue

I know this is kind of off-topic, but as many intelligent, friendly folks are around here...

I was tinkering with the Mac emulator Fusion again, as it is probably the best and fastest Mac 680X0 emulator around. Having some issues with Windows98 and FreeDOS, I decided to do it right this time and set up DOS from scratch on a spare pATA drive on my HP D530.
My first choice would have been DR-DOS 7 which is hosted at the University of Bayreuth and at WinWorld. Downloaded and created five floppies for the full version on a XP box with the DOS DISKCOPY.
I booted the D530 from floppy, prepared the HD and started the installer from floppy1.
The installer worked for a short while, but after processing a few files, the monitor became black, no floppy or HD action anymore.
I tried different floppies made from the images of both sources, but no dice.
Could it be the images of DR-DOS 7.0.3 are bad or am I missing something obvious?

Sources are here:

The working Fusion 1.2 demo is available here for the curious, fifth DL:

I did install MS-DOS 6.2.2 on the HP D530 meanwhile, but would still prefer DR-DOS if possible.


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...missing something obvious?

Could it be the computer is attempting to go into screensaver or low power mode, and crashing that way?

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Yes, it can be anything, thanks. A call for low power mode would explain much.
A DOS installer initialising a power safe mode would be pretty queer though methinks.
The PC should be busy transferring and inflating files.

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In the Caldera DR-DOS link, is it possible to just use the 6.0 MB "dr703.exe" file. I'm guessing its a self-extracting compressed archive containing the DR-DOS System files and associated program files. You'd need to boot from some source 1st tho', to run it.

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Thanks Mike, I somehow missed the exe.
Worth a shot anyway, booting from the DR-DOS floppy 1 should be enough, I guess.

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Yes, a boot floppy should be fine to run this.

On closer inspection the .exe appears to be an installer that can install DR-DOS in one hit.
It contains a Setup.ini file with these commands:

# The following section defines the text that appears on the
# first INSTALL screen.

Welcome to the Caldera DR-DOS INSTALL Program.

This program will copy the contents of the distribution disks
on to your hard disk or on to floppy disks.

At most stages of the installation process you may obtain help by
pressing the F1 function key.

Installation and Utilities 1

Very long list snipped. Everything is treated as being in "Disk1" with no floppy swapping to bother with.

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Looking around, this site is promising too:
They even seem to cover the OS up to XP.
Not what I wanted in this case, but bootable ISOs may save me from some hassle, if something goes wrong. Time to grab the little red book from the attic covering MS-DOS3 (?) maybe.

I tried the DR-DOS exe on a spare drive in my Optiplex 745. Files are expanded to a certain extent, but the HDD is not bootable. Trying to run the expanded installer after booting from a DOS floppy does not work for me either.
I´ll put it aside for now. MS-DOS6 is working with the HP D530 as said above.

Got used PCI blaster sound card for the HP from flea bay but that won´t work either with DOS.
I was under the impression it might work, as there are DOS drivers available to emulate a SoundBlaster 16 device. Sadly this workaround seems to run in Windows only, meant for a DOS window presumably. Sad