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Request: Document Management Software

Anyone have the following old Document Scanning/Management Software:

MarcoPolo 3.5 by Mainstay

WorkingPapers Pro by Dominion Software

Both are similiar to the old PaperPort software in that they allow you to scan documents and manage the archived scans. Speaking of PaperPort, I am also looking for PaperPort 5.6 which is the ultra rare OS X version of the PaperPort software that came bundled with a few HP scanners.


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I've done some searching and I can't find anyone who has the programs you mentioned. Scansoft (now Nuance Software) does not have old versions of PaperPort; they claim they destroy old versions when they release a new one, but I don't believe that. No reputable software company destroys their intellectual property—not Apple, not Adobe, not even Microsoft.

If you can find someone who has one of the HP scanners it shipped with, you may be able to get it from them, after which you could upload it here to the Garden.

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I know this is such an ancient thread, but just in case anyone searches, I've uploaded some PaperPort software that came with a scanner:

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here's version 5.5