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DNS or DHCP server applications for Mac OS 9 or earlier?

Besides applications like Netpresenz (WWW, Gopher, FTP), AppleShare IP (AFP, FTP, SMB, SMTP, Print) or the odd TFTP server or SOCKS proxy, I haven't seen any DNS or DHCP servers.

Are there any?


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Joined: 2019 Jan 21

Wasn't there one called "Good Luck!" ;0p

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I think Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus and Vicomsoft Router can do dhcp. Both are here.

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AppleShare IP provides a dns server.

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Note that any OS 9 era DNS servers won't be able to do modern Internet-facing DNS. They'll still be usable for caching servers though.

MacPerl and MacPython both handle DNS and DHCP as well Smile