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Disorganized Archive of Mac and PalmPilot Stuff

My old Mac hardware is a bit of a disorganized mess currently, but I still have an archive of stuff from old disks and my old computer.

I know some of this stuff isn't here, so I figure I may as well put it here if anyone want to peruse it.

Warning, this thing's somewhere around 3.4 GB. Also, it's a Mac OS X archived zip file.

I'm hoping the OS 9 stuff is preserved through the archive, if not, I do still have this around on the computer I made it on, and I can recompress those in another format.

I do plan on getting around to this on my own, but thought I may as well put it here for anyone who wanted to poke around in it.

EDIT: Wowee, I guess people must have jumped at this, because I got an e-mail from Dropbox saying they temporarily banned my public links for generating too much traffic. Whoops.

Either gonna have to upload this somewhere else or give it out on a person-by-person basis, so I don't hit that daily bandwidth limit.

EDIT 2: It's now a Google Drive link, hopefully there won't be any more problems with it getting shut down.


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Thanks for your offer! Some here will sure take a chance.
I´ve got no idea about Palm Pilot though. Wink

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Feels like an early christmas Wink

Thank you !