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Different Mac OS 9.2.1 Update Files

I've discovered the following issues regarding Mac OS 9.2.1 Update files. All of the below refer to updates with filename "Mac_OS_9.2.1_Update.smi.bin".

The copy of this file found here is corrupt:

The enclosed .smi image fails checksum verification. If the archive curators don't wish to remove or replace the file, there at least should be some sort of notice so that users won't waste their time with it.

More interesting is that there appears to be two different versions of this update. I found them at the following two locations:

The differences are (at least) the files "Install System Software" and "Installation Tomb" in the folder Software Installers > System Software > Mac OS 9.2.1. Comparing the respective files in the two versions, they have different sizes. The version was modified on August 3, 2001, and the version was modified on September 8, 2001. Both appear to be the North American release, since other language versions had some kind of letter in the filename to indicate the language.

I was looking for this update to install on a Power Mac G4 (and first ran into the corrupted one), so I decided to use the one with the later September date, which worked. Since I updated to 9.2.2 shortly after, I have little desire to try to figure out what the differences are.

But I'm still curious to know why there would be two different versions of this update. Perhaps a new version was released to support new hardware? Please share any insights or speculations.