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Joined: 2010 Dec 2
DHT torrents – a new way of distribution?

DHT = Distributed Hash Table, it is a feature of the BitTorrent protocol for decentralized torrents i.e. without a tracker.

With all the recent trouble from MegaUpload and all the other file hosting sites in mind: it might be worth considering to use trackerless torrent. We’d share the torrents amongst ourselves, but we’d have to keep them seeding.

Problem is of course that if someone from outside, who wants us down, logs all the IP adresses and collects them as evidence against us. That would be bad.

The main consense here is that all shared software—be it games, applications or other documents—are discontinued by the original distributor and therefor no longer available in the sense of “buyable”. I guess, with this in mind, we could establish a torrent network that exchanges all the good old stuff that is preserved here—without risking a lawsuit?

Just an idea.


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The primary Macgarden collection is less than 100G, so hosting it in Freenet could be a better choice than running private tracker.

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Could the whole collection be made downloadable at one shot?
Clearly bandwidth considerations don't allow that now, but that would be quite helpful.

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Joined: 2010 Dec 2

“Files are automatically kept or deleted depending on how popular they are, with the least popular being discarded to make way for newer or more popular content.”

That’s not good in the sense of “preservation”…

Running a private tracker is not what I had suggested. My thinking was to go completely trackerless. But I don’t know exactly how this works.

One more problem may be that some fans of this site will want access to the stuff presented here from their classic Mac OSes, so there should be a client for Mac OS 8+ that can handle it. I don’t know about Freenet, but unfortunately I cound’t find even one BitTorrent client for classic Mac OS:

Well, it was just an idea…

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DHT is all very good, except in my experience it doesn't work too well (and always finds peers that don't exist), i think torrent is a good way to distribute files here, but it is better to have a tracker

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Joined: 2011 Jun 17

Yeah a torrent is the way to go really.

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With Megaupload down, we need to do something about our really big files if we want to shuffle CD images around. We still don't really have a solution. Whatever we decide to do, it actually needs to happen.

We could always pass the hat and buy more bandwidth, so we can lift the bandwidth throttle.

Or, we could
1: Set up a torrent tracker service on the Garden.
2: Everything is served as a torrent seed, and throttled to a very low speed from the Garden itself.
3: Have volunteers with always-on computers do the really heavy seeding.

In case someone actually does cease-and-desist a program we're hosting, we need some new legal disclaimer which goes something like this:
Both the site and anyone connected to the site's torrents believe the software in the torrents to be orphaned.
Given a cease-and-desist order from the owner of the legal owner of the software, the site will remove the software in question from its tracking service and instruct everyone to delete the software they're not supposed to have. The site can't control all the torrent users, so it's not liable for anyone sharing after the service has been killed and the other torrent users have been told to stop.
(I'm not a lawyer)

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As a bit of light regarding those who want to DL directly onto their Classic Mac, there's some work in progress on a T0rrent Client based on Cocoa. Here's the thread at MacDomain;